When Is National Cheeseburger Day 2023

If you love cheeseburgers, you'll want to mark National Cheeseburger Day on your calendar. As with other food holidays, this is a day dedicated to celebrating all the delicious variations of the classic American sandwich.

Every year on September 18th, folks across America will gather in restaurant or their homes for an excuse and celebration of something we can all agree on – that no matter what your toppings are (or aren't)– cheese burgers deserve a holiday!

Whether it's just good old-fashioned melted American cheese or spicy jalapenos; bacon or mushrooms; plain bun or pretzel roll…we can all come together over our love of this cheesy goodness. So get ready to fire up those grills and start planning your National Cheeseburger Day celebration!

History and Origin of National Cheeseburger Day

It's unclear who exactly started National Cheeseburger Day. It first appears to have been observed as early as the 1950s, with some claiming it was created as an offshoot of a restaurant promotion for a famous burger chain at the time.

However, what is clear is that this day has grown in popularity over time and now millions of Americans celebrate it each year.


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Celebrating National Cheeseburger Day

There are lots of ways to enjoy National Cheeseburger Day, from hosting a backyard BBQ or picnic to just enjoying a nice meal out at your favorite burger joint. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Have a cheeseburger cook-off with friends and family – who can make the most creative burger?
  • Set up a cheeseburger bar with all of your favorite toppings and let everyone make their own unique creation.
  • Head out to your local diner or restaurant – they usually offer special deals and some even have menus just for National Cheeseburger Day!
  • Have a movie night complete with homemade or takeout burgers and fries.
  • Create a cheeseburger cake out of hamburger buns, ketchup and mustard icing, lettuce leaves, sliced cheese, tomatoes, onions and pickles!

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Different Burger Recipes Around the World

Did you know that cheeseburgers are a popular dish all around the world? Here's a look at some of the different recipes and variations served up in different countries:

  • In Japan, one variation is called the "Korokke Burger", which replaces the traditional cheese with mashed potatoes and fried patties.
  • The Australians have their own version called the "Aussie Burger", which is often served with a fried egg on top.
  • In France, you may find the "Boeuf Bourguignon Burger" on menus, made with beef from Burgundy and topped with caramelized onions.
  • Koreans often enjoy the "Bulgogi Burger", made with marinated grilled beef and served on a sesame seed bun.

No matter where you are in the world, it's clear that National Cheeseburger Day is something all of us can get behind and enjoy! So grab your nearest burger joint or fire up the grill and let's celebrate this cheesy holiday!

The Benefits of Eating a Cheeseburger

Cheeseburgers may have gotten a bad rap in the past, but there are actually some health benefits to eating them when done right. Here are some of the positive effects that you can get from indulging in a cheeseburger once in awhile:

High Protein Content – One single burger patty contains around 20 grams of protein, whichis important for keeping your muscles healthy.

Healthy Fats – Cheese provides essential fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K which help support your immune system and brain health.

High Fiber – Eating a burger with a whole grain bun is a great way to get in some extra fiber which is important for digestion and heart health.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Cheeseburger

Now that you know the benefits of eating a cheeseburger, here are some tips for making the perfect one:

Choose the Right Cheese – Whether it's cheddar, Swiss or mozzarella; be sure to select a cheese that will pair well with your burger patty.

Go Easy On The Toppings – Too many toppingscan overpower the taste of your patty and cheese. Stick to just one or two condiments like ketchup, mustard or mayo.

Pick The Right Bun – A quality bun will make a big difference in how much you enjoy your burger. Look for something that's hearty and won't fall apart under all the juicy goodness.

Grill It On High Heat – For the best flavor and texture, cook yourburger on high heat for a few minutes to lock in the juices.

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Fun Ways to Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day with Friends and Family

National Cheeseburger Day is the perfect excuse to gather with friends and family for some cheesy fun. Here are a few ideas of ways you can celebrate:

Host an outdoor cheese burger-eating contest!

Organize a cheeseburger scavenger hunt where participants have to find different items like buns, pickles, onions, etc.Set up a burger-themed obstacle course where teams have to complete the course in order to get their burgers.

Organize a virtual cheeseburger party with friends and family members who can’t physically join you.

Have an old fashioned backyard BBQ where everyone brings their favorite ingredients for customizing their burgers.


Cheese burgers are a classic American favorite, and National Cheeseburger Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate this cheesy goodness. So break out the grill, grab some toppings and let the cheeseburger festivities begin! Enjoy!

Happy National Cheeseburger Day!

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