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Who We Are

Appliances Radar is a reliable website that you can trust when you are looking for home appliances. We work hard to compare a hundred products to bring you the best helpful information. This is our goal to make it easy for you to choose the right products and be confident with your decision. 

Besides giving you the highlight information of products, we also show you the best buying guides that include valuable tips. We are sure that you will love it.

Why Believe In Us 

All reviews on our website have been written and edited by the industrial experts and the real experiences from our team and from the real customers. It is because our mission is to give you the right decision on your choice. 

We make detailed comparisons between the dozen of products. Our ranking is from some factors including specific information, product highlight, strengths and weaknesses, cost, and more. From there, we will consider which are the best products for you. 

Author team

We are writers, reviewers, industrial experts, designers, and technical developers working with passion. Together, we make awesome and up-to-date lists of products in our reviews in the best way. We strive to develop our website and review more products to give you an easier life. 

AR Score

AR Score is a scoring system developed by our experts. The score is from 0 to 10 based on the data collected by the Appliances Radar tool. This score doesn't impact from any manufacturer or sales agent websites.

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